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70% Bonus From 500,000 YON Tokens

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Pre-sale cap: 10,000,000 Token Price: 0.20 USD

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Video Ecommerce on the Blockchain

Yondo is bringing Blockchain, YondoCoin, and Rewards to their thousands of users in over 114 countries.

YondoCoin White Paper

Token Allocation

Crowdsale Tokens
Ecosystem Reward Tokens
Reward & Company Tokens (Token Sale Rewards (Bounty), Advisors, Token Sale Marketing & Company)

Symbol: YON

Technical limit of the total number of tokens: 200,000,000 (two hundred million)

Price of YON token: 0.20 USD (twenty cents USD) per YON

Ethereum ERC20 token

Token sale hard cap: 100,000,000 (one hundred million) YON tokens

Token pre-sale starts: 13 March 2018 at 1:00 PM PST (UTC-8)

Token sale ends: 75 days or early termination by meeting hardcap

Crowdsale Tokens

Up to 100,000,000 (one hundred million) tokens will be sold in the token sale.

Ecosystem Reward Tokens

Up to 80,000,000 (eighty million) allocated for distribution to incentivize participation in the Yondo ecosystem.

Company Tokens

Up to 20,000,000 (twenty million) tokens will be allocated for distribution to the token sale rewards (bounty), Yondo Advisors, token sale marketing and Yondo stakeholders and team.

Token Sale Rewards (Bounty)
Advisors (Locked for 6 months)
Token Sale Marketing (Locked for 3 months)
Company Tokens (Tokens will be released in six (6) equal instalments over a period of three (3) years)

YondoCoin Incentivized Purchases

Merchants can receive up to 100% of their Yondo product purchase price in YondoCoin Rewards, that they can pay forward in discounts to their customers that also make purchases with YondoCoin (YON).

Forbes list Yondo as one of the "Top 9 Must - Have Online Tools".

Yondo is featured in Entrepreneur Magazine as the solution to use to make money with online videos.

The Bitcoin News mentions Yondo as a leading juxtaposition of consultation platforms.

All-In-One Video Ecommerce

Yondo is an ecommerce platform that allows users to sell digital products including Online Videos On Demand and create Online Video Courses, Live 1 - To - 1 Video Sessions, Webinars, and Online Audio On Demand(Live since 2015).Yondo proposes to offer the functionality to sell Ebooks and Audio Recordings(2018) and Online Courses packaged with Ebooks, Audio Recordings, Live and Pre - Recorded Video Content(2018)

Live Experience is revolutionizing the way businesses present Online Sales Demos, Property Tours, Group Classes & replacing Old Fashioned Webinars, etc. Live Experience gives businesses the ability to record and edit the perfect online presentation and present it as a live event with real-time interaction. Each Live Experience can be offered at a set time, scheduled via a booking calendar or on demand, all based on the availability set by the business.

What Our Customers Are Saying...

This video will give you a glimpse into how Yondo’s customers feel about their Yondo powered all-in-one video ecommerce system. This underlines our commitment to provide total customer satisfaction and to over-achieve in our goals as a trusted partner to all of our customers.

It was like Yondo had my business model in mind when it was created. There are so many thigns that I love about it that applies to what I do.

I loveLive Experience and the quality of the video.

Yondo make my website look great, and it;s user-friendly. I can see we are going to have a relationship over the next 50 years.

Yondo는 라이브 세션 서비스에서 사용자나 컨설턴트를 실망시킨적이 없습니다.

Yondo gives us our own Netflix business to sell our videos from our website.

The Yondo Ecosystem

To further improve Yondo’s value to its platform members, Yondo is developing a vast ecosystem of marketplaces, channel partners, merchant partners, and services. Platform members can use fiat currency or YondoCoin to pay Yondo for various services available to members through the Yondo platform. We note that YondoCoin payments can only be made directly to Yondo.

Yondo Integration Partners

Yondo has a robust list of partners, providing seamless integrations with some of the top online services in the world.

View our entire list

Yondo Rewards
Choose from over 100 Amazing Brands

Yondo users can exchange Gold and Platinum YondoCoin Rewards within the Yondo Platform for online gift cards.Our brand gift cards program is planned to be released in 2018 in the US, Canada, and Australia, with anticipation to release the gift card program in additional countries in 2019 - 2020.Yondo branded rewards program is forecasted to have over a hundred brands including Amazon, Walmart, Target, eBay, GAP, Nike, Adidas, Delta Airlines, American Airlines, Air Canada,, David Jones, Woolworths, Myer, Kmart, Starbucks, Whole Foods, The Home Depot, Lowe’s, Sephora, GameStop, Bass Pro Shops, Xbox, Columbia Sportswear, Callaway Golf,, Old Navy, iTunes, and Google Play...

Advantages of
YondoCoin Rewards

YondoCoin Reward Engagement

YondoCoin makes it possible to manage incentives in a way that drives participation and content for the benefit of all members.The YondoCoin also provides the ability to offer free and heavily discounted plans and services throughout the Yondo platform.

YondoCoin Reward Tiers

YondoCoin reward tiers will reward the most loyal customers with the highest rewards and build fiercely loyal customers and Yondo members.Each tier is divided into YondoCoin Silver, Gold and Platinum rewards described further in the white pape

YondoCoin Reward Dashboard

Yondo members can see real-time information about rewards earned, redemption options, referring URLs and assets, current reward tiers and additional rewards earning opportunities.

Checkout & Incentives

Referral Rewards

Team Yondo

Tony Jarboe

Chief Executive Officer

Tony Jarboe is a veteran internet entrepreneur with over 22-years of experience. Since 2016, Tony’s passion has been to drive mainstream consumer adoption of blockchain technologies. Tony has several years of experience in leadership roles at technology giant Hewlett Packard and the entertainment company Warner Bros Studios in Los Angeles.

Warrick Hunter

Chief Technology Officer

Warrick Hunter brings more than ten years of experience in software engineering, blockchain development, and management. Warrick has a vast knowledge of all segments of software development and has been leading the Yondo development team through three years of international hypergrowth.

Core Team

Tony Jarboe
Founder & CEO

Yondo - Since 2013
22 years experience: CEO Expertory, CEO BigShow, Warner Bros. Studios, Hewlett Packard

Warrick Hunter
Co-Founder & CTO

Yondo - Since 2013
13 years experience: CTO Expertory, CEO PageRapid, Senior Developer Commerce Vision

James Kim
Lead Developer

Yondo - Since 2014
13 years experience: Lead Developer Expertory, Software Engineer MBA

Konstantin Korovin
Senior QA Engineer

Yondo - Since 2013
13 years experience: Senior QA Engineer Expertory, Senior QA Engineer Boeing

Alex Abernethy
Diego Rodriguez
Ronna Tolentino
Elijah Jones
Research & Support

Product Roadmap